KFACT Inc. is a grassroots 501 (c) 3 nonprofit youth development and holistic mentoring organization established to alleviate opportunity gaps among girls living in the Rockford community. KFACT Inc. specializes in providing an array of comprehensive services with one being “holistic mentorship.” KFACT is the only girls holistic mentoring organization in our community and strives to ensure that girls are not continuing the cycle of poverty. Holistic mentoring in the only way to truly alleviate generational poverty and consequently trauma because it requires the entire life of the girl to be part of the plan for her success. KFACT’s unique approach has supported the program’s outcomes – 100% high school graduation rate, 98% of girls attend post-secondary education,and less than 2% of our girls become teen parents.

High School Graduation Rate
of girls attend post-secondary education
less than 2% of our girls become teen parents

Lady All Stars Mentoring Program

Our signature mentoring program, Lady All Stars, in one of a kind due to the direct service and long-term relationships built with the girls from middle school through adulthood.

Lady All Stars mentoring program was designed with girls in mind.

  • KFACT is the only mentoring program in Rockford that uses a “holistic” approach. By tailoring programs and services to meet the individual needs of girls, a “one size fits all” approach is avoided. This leads to higher rates of success due to extreme personalization.

KFACT is a small organization, which is an advantage because it fosters an environment where mentees can have individual mentoring and personal relationships with mentors over a long period of time. To provide stability, KFACT offers a ten-year relationship and commitment. Why so long? The core of the mentoring experience for at-risk youth is stability. Many of these girls change residences continually, do not have constant contact with the same adults over a long period of time and lack structure outside of school hours. All of these risk factors can lead to various unwanted behaviors that our mentoring program strives to prevent. In addition, research shows that part of the reason many mentoring programs are effective is because they demonstrate to the at-risk youth that an adult other than their parent is willing to show a commitment to their success and well-being.