Remembering a Lady All Star: Alayah Moore

The unexpected loss of Lady All Star, Alayah Moore was extremely hard. Alayah and I had become very close over the past year and without a personal mentor, I filled in the void of that in her life. She was an amazing girl and demonstrated the characteristics of a true Lady All Star in so many ways. My relationship with her taught me, just because they don’t look needy, there is often a need. She showed me that mentoring is often being a friend, a teacher, a counselor, and a parent. Alayah taught me that despite someone’s appearance or talents, sometimes you have to hear that you are beautiful and capable. Alayah taught me that mentoring matters! She was involved in cheer and volleyball and had become more engaged in KFACT this past summer, attending all of our enrichment events. Alayah’s plan was to make the most of her senior year by volunteering more and getting to know more girls. We planned to visit Loyola in October and she was interested in behavioral psychology as a college major. She said that KFACT “helped her figure out what is the best career path for me, and find a solid school” and “that she likes that we do so many activities, so girls can get to know each other.” She struggled with her self-esteem and worried if others liked her. KFACT offered a safe place for her to be her genuine self. I share this to always remember that what we do as KFACT staff and as volunteers is important and fulfilling work. As a mentor, I saw Alayah cheer her last cheer that Friday night. She was a girl that always stood out; that you knew could accomplish anything, if given the resources and support. I will remember this as I continue to work with girls and hope to use Alayah’s memory to motivate me to be a better mentor. The last words Alayah said to me that night before her passing was “It’s nice having support.” Forever supported, forever loved, forever a Lady All Star!

– Rachel Robinson, Mentor