Building Healthy Futures for Girls through Holistic Mentoring

Growing up isn’t always easy, but for many in Rockford, growing up is far harder than it should be. For thousands of kids in Rockford, poverty and lack of resources is the “norm” and because of this, challenges faced are far more severe than what can be seen on the surface. For KFACT girls, 90% are living in poverty and facing traumas they should never be victim to – sexual abuse, homelessness, drug-addicted parents, neglect. For so many, trauma is normal.

“I remember being 10 years old and being raped nightly by an older male cousin while my mom worked nights at a factory to provide for me and my siblings. Why tell anyone? It would only make life worse because my mom would lose her housing, and my siblings and I would be put in foster care because we often went without food and clothing” (KFACT girl journal entry).” The same 10-year-old girl is now 16 with unhealed scars and family secrets and is now expected to be a productive member of society.

KFACT is changing the lives of girls in the Rockford area – girls who have lived a life of trauma and are often forgotten throughout society. And, without KFACT, may be living a very different story. With the empowerment of KFACT, our girls are strong young ladies who will break the cycle of poverty and trauma with continued services and mentorship.

Girls are our focus! Why Girls? KFACT targets girls between the ages of 12-18 years of age. Early adolescent girls are an extremely vulnerable population and have the hardest time just being a girl. Many girls suffer from peer pressure, low-self-esteem, generational poverty, inequality and frequently, trauma-filled pasts.

KFACT has provided services to over 250 girls and their families in the mentoring program. KFACT provides services to girls in middle and high school while ensuring completion of post-secondary education for our college girls!


Underserved girls in the Rockford area thrive in self-actualization, family and community.